About Us

Our Strategy

LIFE Academy is a global actor in capacity building and knowledge exchange for sustainable development. We have a network of members in more than 80 countries and more than 20 years’ experience. With sustainable development as a mission and business idea, we train and support decision makers in companies, public agencies and organizations all over the world. We have performed a great number of ITP programmes (International Training Programmes sponsored by Sida) in different areas. 

LIFE Academy contributes towards the sustainable growth of companies and organizations by offering:

  • Education and training for sustainable development
  • Facilitation and coordination of conferences and workshops
  •  Network and contacts in 80 countries
  • Support for implementation of international projects
  • Global Business-to-Business support for new sustainable businesses in international markets  

Our key focus areas and expertise in the field of Sustainable Development include renewable energy, energy efficiency, information and communication technology (ICT), pedagogy, environmental- and project management. During the last 5 years we have also focused on development in the educational sector and have created a certification for schools that want to improve their work with sustainability. We have also, as one of the first organizations in the world, developed a training in Sustainable Project Management that gives practical tools for how to implement sustainability in projects. 

In some of the selected countries, we are establishing "hubs" where education and communication can be carried out locally on a larger scale. All participants in our programs, who are part of our network, are decision makers in their organizations and their knowledge and contacts are the basis for the activities that are built locally in their countries.