LIFE Foundation

The purpose of LIFE Foundation is to contribute to an improved living situation in developing countries through knowledge dissemination and education.

The target groups are primarily young people, international organizations and decision-makers in the field of administration and business. Our aim is to support ongoing change processes in a sustainable direction through, for example; information, education and consulting. The foundation can also institute and grant awards and scholarships, preferably within learning for sustainable development.

Projects implemented by the Foundation:  

Cleantech Värmland: Feasibilty study

Objective: The purpose of the feasibility study was to map barriers and opportunities to strengthen the industry and create international and regional business models for internationalization and increased growth among companies offering products and services in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable development. This has been done through interviews with many different companies and, through a workshop with the South African cluster GreenCape.

The feasibility study has discussed issues such as corruption, laws and regulations in countries, obstacles and possibilities for payment capacity, etc. 

Markets for internationalization: The feasibility study has identified South Africa, China and India as favorable markets for future activities. 

Conclusions: The study shows the need to make a wide and inclusive application of the concept of renewable energy, so that companies with solutions in circular economics and energy-efficient solutions in several sectors ((other than the energy sector)) can participate in the project.

The project's target group is Värmland based companies with activities in renewable energy and energy technology.  

A future project activity should be addressed to all companies that work directly or indirectly to more carbon-neutral society, with goods, systems, processes and services that provide clear environmental benefits in relation to existing or alternative solutions, viewed from a lifecycle perspective. 

The feasibility study has resulted in a further EU application.