Sustainable Business CLEANTECH

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LIFE Foundation is organising a Kick-off meeting for Sustainable Business CLEANTECH on Friday, 4th May 2018 from 8am to 12 noon. 

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Internationalization and growth among companies with products and services that contribute to low-carbon economy


LIFE Foundation has been selected to carry out a three year '"Cleantech Värmland" project scaling up to SEK 9 million.

We are pleased to cooperate with the companies: Blue Future, Cellcomb, Eco Street, Joto Solutions, Lumine joints, Monsson, Mundati, Off2off, Perfect industries, Plaza hotel choice, Toolbob, RISE, Per Eiritz, Rainpower, the Värmland Clusters Compare, Paper Province, Visit Värmland as well as the municipalities Arvika, Karlstad, Säffle.

The project focuses on creating a model where local companies in Värmland partner with the emerging markets in developing countries. The ambition is to provide access to new business opportunities and exchange sustainable skills, products and services based on the actual need for low carbon solutions. 

The aim is to support "green" small and medium sized enterprises from Värmland to be internationalized in markets in developing countries based on sustainable business models.

More information about the project will be presented in March 2018. 

Background of the project


The need for renewable energy and energy efficiency systems, innovations and products is worldwide and are an important part of a low carbon economy.

In a pre-study co-funded by Tillväxtverket and Region Värmland, LIFE Foundation together with Per Eiritz AB, LW Learning Well West AB, Perfect AB and SC Burman AB examined the conditions for companies in Värmland, Dalarna and Gavleborg that want to grow in markets in Southeast Africa.

The results of the pre-study are the basis for the three-year scale-up project starting in January 2018.

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